IPD Announces“IPDSteel™” 2-Piece Articulated High Alloy Steel Cast Pistons For Caterpillar® 3114 & 3116 Diesel Engines
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IPD offers both 1-piece aluminum pistons as well as recently announced patent pending IPDSteel™ Articulated 2-piece piston for 3114 & 3116 engines. These applications are an aftermarket 1st utilizing IPD’s Patent Pending High Alloy Steel Cast Piston design.
Also, an industry first, IPD will offer .50mm (.020”) oversize pistons for popular aluminum and articulated versions of 3114 & 3116 pistons, saving costly sleeving operations. Check with IPD for availability.

Application coverage includes:
In Frame Overhaul Kits for popular 3116 applications
Out of Frame Overhaul Kits for popular 3116 applications
Coverage for 3114 applications as well
Piston Kits for 3114 & 3116, both one-piece and two-piece pistons
Complete IPD Style 123™ or OEM style Gasket Sets available.
Comprehensive Valve Train, Engine Bearing and miscellaneous components.
Many new items for in development to help lower your overhaul cost.

For more information please contact your IPD Distribution Center or Regional Manager.




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