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IPD Offers You a Choice!

IPD offers you a choice, multiple gasket sets for Caterpillar engines or the exclusive IPD "1-2-3" complete style gasket sets.

IPD Style 1-2-3 sets offer you 3 basic options...
Out-of-frame overhaul set includes the gaskets needed to completely out-of-frame overhaul your engine. Designated by a "1" suffix at the end of the part number.
In-frame overhaul set includes the gaskets needed to perform an in-frame overhaul to the engine in your equipment. Designated by a "2" suffix at the end of the part number.
Multiple cylinder head replacement set is designed to properly install all the cylinder heads on your engine while it is much more complete than a simple upper set or head set that a competitor may offer.
Other optional sets include water pump rebuild kits, water pump installation sets and single cylinder head replacement sets.
Below are 3 graphs showing some of the more critical areas concerning gasket materials and how IPD stands up to the OEM and three aftermarket companies.
Get one box instead of 11 and a bag!
EXAMPLE: 4N1151 Oil Pan Gasket for 3406 Caterpillar® engine
Tensile Strength
Tensile strength is a measure of the materials' resistance to blow out when used in high-pressure applications.
Creep Relaxation Values
Creep relaxation indicates the gasket materials ability to maintain initial bolt torque after exposure to stress, temperature and time. Lower creep values indicate materials that are better at sustaining pressure.
Cruch Resistance Density Values
lbs./cu. FT.
Crushing or extrusion occurs when compressive forces exceed the point where the gasket materials pore volume is zero. Resulting in leakage.




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