Happy Holidays!

In review of 2007, it was a great year with plenty of IPD news to discuss including a few highlights such as:

  • Release of many new IPDSteel® two piece articulated pistons for 3116, 3126, 3406 and C15 applications.
  • Our trademark name of IPDSteel® was recently approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.
  • IPD was certified ISO9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register.

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All of us at IPD would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season and a successful new year.

For your information, IPD’s Holiday closure schedule is as follows:
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    Monday December 31 - Closed
    Tuesday January 1 - Closed
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IPD Featured Product:

This latest addition to our expanding line of IPDSteel® articulated two-piece pistons is crown part number 1684540. It is one of the first we have developed primarily for OFF-HIGHWAY 3406 C & E applications. These applications include popular machines such as D8N, D8R, 626F, 825C etc. that have engine serial numbers beginning with 11N, 3ER & are optional on 41Z applications.

Many applications are outlined on the attached IPDQR-1684540.1
Quick Reference guide which shows the Pistons, Liners, Rings, Bearings, Gasket Sets that IPD can offer for these engines.

Please use the attached only as a quick reference and contact IPD with exact application needs or consult our on-line IPD Parts Database.

IPD New Products:
New updated 3500 series valve lifter released:

Part number 2636679 shown in picture to the right, replaces former part number 1329439. This updated lifter utilizes a new method of “staking” the bronze bushing to the lifter body for improved retention.

For more information on IPD roller valve lifters, please see the IPD Differentiation section below in this newsletter.

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0014
Determining the Correct Head Gasket on 3114, 3116 & 3126 (2 valve) Engines

This month we outline the importance of knowing what head gasket is on your engine! Click here to view IPDTB-0014 3114, 3116, 3126 Head Gaskets

Please note that IPD Distributors can access our exclusive IPD Technical Support line by entering the IPD Parts Database™, then clicking on IPD Technical Support.

IPD Differentiation:

Many customers have found inconsistencies in not only supply, but in the quality of the roller lifters available in the market. As in many IPD products, we have gone the extra steps in Quality Assurance in order to offer IPD customers a product that will withstand the rigorous demands placed on it. In particular, roller type valve lifters can cause catastrophic damage if they fail.
Manufacturing tolerances on items such as roller type valve lifters are extremely tight and difficult to maintain with anything but the latest equipment and diligent quality assurance. Examples of a few key steps that IPD takes on these products we supply are listed below. Each of these critical areas has a specification that these parts must adhere to.

Lifter body
Pin bore diameter
Pin bore straightness
Oil holes must intersect correctly
Button bore diameter
Surface finish
Outside dimensions
Inside dimensions and bore diameter
Body outside dimension Hardness
Surface finish

Press fit diameter
Roller mating diameter
Roller mating barrel radius
Correct drill locations and
Outside Dimension
Correct pushrod radius

Why bother? Our goal, as we hope is yours, is to provide the engine owner with a cost savings alternative to the OEM, but without risk to engine life or performance.

IPD New Products:
Complete listing of all new IPD products added since last months issue:

24 New items from IPD since last issue include:
IPD Featured Product, IPDSteel® piston crown part no. 1684540.
More new gaskets including 3176, C15 and additional 3500 series coverage.
Above mentioned 3500 series valve lifter part number 2636679.
New piston pin part number 1730148 for 3400 series ONE PIECE STEEL piston applications.
First in our upcoming line of C12 valve train parts, 1008150 guide.

Please follow this link for the complete listing of IPD’s New Products release. IPD December 2007 New Products List

IPD Marketing:
IPD web site enhanced with new features

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IPD Marketing:
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