Many companies have taken on ISO certification as a sales and marketing tool since it is recognized world wide as a process standard. ISO at the end of the day however is what you build into it as far as processes. You can simplify things to get through in an attempt to become certified, or you can create a true tool to improve your company. IPD took the latter approach. While difficult and time consuming, ultimately IPD’s ISO9001:2000 Certification by Lloyd’s Register has and will continue to help improve our company. We thank all those at IPD that worked so hard to make this happen and most of all kept open minds as to how they could improve each specific area of our company.

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IPD Featured Product

Diesel and Natural Gas cylinder head rebuilding is a very competitive business. So is providing valve train products to the market. In an attempt to reduce prices, some suppliers reduce quality at the cost of reduced life. Our goal at IPD is to supply you with competitive pricing and a quality product to reduce your overall cost of operation. We offer updated materials and specifications as well as an extensive quality assurance program to assure that your cylinder head has the best chance to perform as designed.

Keeping up with the fast changing technology in valve train is also a key point in IPD’s program. An example of recent additions to our Valve Train product line are two items released this month:

ROTOCOILS for 3500 Series Engines, Part Numbers 1977062 & 1977063

Please see the attached IPD Valve Train Quick Reference guide for a listing of our valve train products by engine. Link to IPD Valve Train Parts Complete Listing Oct 07

You can view more details on our product line by visiting and going to our Products page where you will find product bulletins specific to your engine range. Also, below in our “Differentiation” section we outline some of the unique features and reasons why we feel our IPD Valve Guides are your best value.

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IPD News:

IPD received its ISO 9001:2000 certification, affirming IPD’s history of commitment to quality products and service.
Maintained by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001:2000 is an international set of quality management standards for manufacturing and service industries which requires strict compliance to effective management procedures, business operations and customer service.
“Adopting this continual improvement process is a key driver in strengthening our commitment to quality & customer focus.” said Yossi Zekri, president of IPD.
While not an industry requirement, IPD pursued the ISO 9001:2000 certification to guarantee its practices met world-class standards of quality and service. It is supported by hundreds of countries around the world.

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0013
Confused on what is the latest 3500 series water ferrules?

This month we outline the history of the 6 changes to these critical ferrules including the latest Click here to view IPDTB-0013

Please note that IPD Distributors can access our exclusive IPD Technical Support line by entering the IPD Parts Database™, then clicking on IPD Technical Support.

IPD Differentiation:
IPD Valve Guides










Typical IPD valve guide drawing

Many suppliers claim to offer valve guides for diesel and natural gas engines. Often the origin of these products is an “automotive” type manufacture that may use the same materials and specifications that are applicable in lighter duty applications for all their guides.

Our view is that diesel and natural gas heavy duty engines require a high level of sophistication and design, as well as tightly controlled tolerances. All of these issues plus others are required in order to meet the rigorous demands that are the nature of our industry. Today’s engines run higher horsepower, higher temperatures and are expected to run longer.

Failure to properly engineer, and manufacture valve guides will affect the guide’s ability to:

  1. Consistently guide the valve
  2. Transfer heat to the cooling system
  3. Adequately lubricate the valve while maintaining acceptable oil control
These are all areas that can suffer as a result of lack of detail to this important item. At IPD we take the extra steps necessary to provide our customers with a high quality, yet cost competitive valve train program. In particular on valve guides, some of the areas that IPD pays extra attention to include:
Spiral depth and pitch (i.e. how deep and how many threads per inch are required)
Outside diameter size and surface finish (for ease of installation, proper heat transfer)
Inside diameter size (proper valve clearance, adequate heat transfer)
Concentricity of ID to OD (is the bore in the guide straight?)
Length (too long interferes with other components, too short can reduce heat transfer)
Does guide require phosphate coating? (wrong coating or lack of coating will reduce life in some applications)
Hardness specifications (too soft reduces life, too hard makes reaming difficult)
Chemistry (there are different metallurgical contents for various applications)
Visual defects such as casting flaws, porosity, cracks (all can result in failures)

Please see the attached IPD Valve Train Quick Reference guide for a listing of our valve train products by engine. Link to IPD Valve Train Parts Complete Listing Oct 07
Why bother? Our goal, as we hope is yours, is to provide the engine owner with a cost savings alternative to the OEM, but without risk to engine life or performance.

IPD New Products:
Complete listing of all new IPD products added since last months issue:

New items from IPD since last issue include:
3500 series rotocoils, part numbers 1977062 & 1977063
More new gaskets including 3114 & 3406E Marine sets

Please follow this link for the complete listing of IPD’s New Products release. IPD October 2007 New Products List

IPD Marketing:
Promotional items now for sale to IPD Authorized Distributors

IPD will now offer these promotional items for sale to IPD Distributors on request. Items currently available include:
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  Please contact your IPD Regional Manager or Customer Service for quantities, prices and details.

IPD Marketing:
IPD will be exhibiting at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) in Las Vegas January 21-24

More information on this industry trade show can be found at

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