With the addition of this months featured product, IPD continues to offer the most complete coverage of 3400 & C15 series engines in the aftermarket. Our product development continues aggressively with IPDSteel™ two-piece articulated applications. Please stay tuned to this newsletter for additions in the future!

Also added this month is a section called “Differentiation” The idea is to focus on something in each issue small or large, covering various areas of our company that we feel may set us apart from others. We hope this is of benefit to you in promoting IPD or in determining to use IPD in your engines.

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IPD Featured Product

This latest series of IPDSteel™ Two-Piece, Articulated pistons now gives us complete coverage of the most popular 3406E & C15 engine applications in the aftermarket. To make identification easier to our customers we have developed a chart depicting the various styles of pistons covering the oldest, up to the latest pistons. Please click here to view our product bulletin and go to page 6 & 7 for the piston identifications.

This latest addition to the IPD Product line is the “Type 4” piston as shown on our chart which has the “platted” steel piston crown found predominantly in later 3406E and &C15 engines.

IPD now offers coverage from the earliest 3400 series up to these later piston crowns. We offer a variety of options including:
IPD Engine Overhaul Kits – Available in both In or Out of frame configurations.
Cylinder Kits – Options include original style or IPD Style “crevice seal” liner (shown in picture above). Both are induction-heat treated for maximum life.
Gasket Sets – Your choice of original modular style or the innovative IPD 123 Style™ consolidated sets. All made of the highest quality materials.
Miscellaneous parts such as water & oil pump parts, camshaft bearings and many other items.
Crankshafts, camshafts & cam followers for many popular applications.
Complete line of valve training covering most all popular applications Diesel and Natural gas.

A quick reference guide for IPD Engine Overhaul Kits, on-highway applications including these latest pistons is available by click here and going to page 8 & 9. For other applications you can also visit the IPD Parts Database on line at www.ipdparts.com or contact your IPD Customer Service Representative.


IPD 2W6000/CS liner with protective IPD top and bottom caps
This month we highlight IPD cylinder liner packaging. Since having an induction-heat-treated cylinder liner was one of our first unique products at IPD many years ago, it seems only right to again begin with the centerpiece of our product line. This time, it is the care we take to package our liner. You may have already begun to see this new packaging on many of our liners and more are in process of being integrated into stock.
Some features include:
Ultrasonic cleaning at the factory as a last step before packaging to remove any machining residue left during production
Rust-prohibitive to assure proper shelf life.
Heavy-duty sealed plastic bag to keep dirt out.
IPD top and bottom caps to prevent flange and bottom surface nicking and to again seal out dirt. We also may include Styrofoam on top and / or bottom for additional protection.
Heavy gauge IPD logo box for attractive presentation.

Why bother?

Because we feel strongly that going the extra steps help assure that the engine owners feels he has received the highest level of quality in the IPD package.


Many new gaskets from 3126 through 3500 series applications. A new NATURAL GAS gallery-cooled piston, as well as above Featured Product IPDSteel™ pistons released for 3406E & C15 engines to name a few!

Please follow this link for the complete listing of the May / June 2007 IPD New Products release. IPD May-June 2007 New Products List

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0011

You have no doubt noticed changes in engine bearing appearances over the past years. Our latest Technical Bulletin discusses some of these changes and what they represent.

Click here to view IPDTB-0011

Please note that IPD Distributors can access our exclusive IPD Technical Support line by entering the IPD Parts Database™, then clicking on IPD Technical Support.

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