This month we would like to use this spot to highlight efforts on behalf of all our businesses that the following organization has undertaken. The Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Group, a Washington D.C. organization that represents many aftermarket trade groups and suppliers including IPD, continues to fight for the right for the aftermarket to make parts for and to repair heavy vehicles! While this may sound ludicrous, there are those that would like to see us all either legislated out of business or restricted from information that keeps us in business.
Mike Conlon, of Conlon, Frantz, Phelan & Varma LLP, whom represents the group, is preparing for the next battle concerning the OEM's efforts to keep EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) from issuing a ruling that would allow the aftermarket access to the OBD (On-Board–Diagnostic) information. This information is required to diagnose and reprogram heavy duty truck and ultimately off highway emissions related engines. OEM organizations claim that there is no need for regulation as any information needed is currently readily available! While this currently pertains to the U.S. market, these rulings will no doubt become templates for many other countries to follow.
Anyone in the U.S. having trouble buying the latest OEM electronic diagnostic systems? Or in getting needed diagnostic or repair information? If so, you might want to contact your trade organizations such as AERA, IDA, ADS, APRA, etc or your heavy duty parts supplier and let them know. You can also feel free to contact Bob Straw at IPD at 440-372-2001 or If you have been denied this information recently or have any input that you feel would help the cause, you can also contact Mike Conlon at 202-331-7050 or or fax: 202-331-9306.

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IPD Featured Product

Pictured is a typical IPD Gasket package along with insets showing detail of a few of our latest IPD gaskets featured in our August 2006 & March 2007 issues.

23 new OEM style gasket sets have been added to our industry-leading gasket coverage for these important engines. 3500 series engines offer great opportunities for IPD Distributors by providing IPD quality along with savings to engine owners.  Keep an eye on this publication for more product coverage to come!
Please see the link below for a listing of these gaskets as well as other products released from IPD in April.


Please follow this link for the complete listing of April 2007 IPD New Products release.  IPD April 2007 New Products List.


IPD’s latest PS June 2007 price list will go into effect on June 4. Some highlights:

Includes the over 400 new items added since last price list issue of June 2006.
  For a listing of these items added by month, please go to our web site at , you can then scroll through and choose each month’s newsletter that includes links to the new products released.
Over 10,250 items included in the new price list for Caterpillar engines.
2,051 “Refer To’s” for your convenience are included for total of over 12,300 lines.
Authorized IPD Distributors can download a copy of this new release by entering the IPD Parts Database™ and going to “IPD Downloadable Files”, then clicking on PSJUNE2007. You can also contact your IPD Customer Service Representative for an electronic copy.

As everyone in the industry is aware, escalating raw materials and fuel costs over the past two years has been more than what we are accustomed to. However we have managed to hold our price increase to an average of 3.5%.

In many cases we have held the previous price or adjusted prices downward. Below is a general listing of some of these examples:
IPDSteel™ In and Out of Frame engine kits for 3406E applications – No change
IPDSteel™ In and Out of Frame engine kits for C15 applications – No change
IPD Style 123™ gasket sets for 3126, we have been able to
reduce manufacturing costs on these newer application sets
in most cases – Prices reduced
Many OEM style gasket sets for newer applications – Prices reduced
IPD Pre-Combustion chambers 7S8787 & 8S3970 – Prices reduced significantly!

(note all IPD pre-combustion chambers are dimensional checked as well as include the correct radius to resist breakage.)

Our goal is to keep our distributors competitive by offering the end-user savings and continuing to provide the high quality that you expect from IPD.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


  Click image to enlarge.

No surprise to thousands of IPD customers world-wide that have used our perforated core material for nearly 5 years but we still continue to receive these comments!

The various updates and problems associated with these gaskets for many years from most suppliers has users concerned and purchasing gaskets that can cost over $150.00 USD each from the OEM!

Current multi-layered steel gaskets from the OEM are expensive and cumbersome. Other aftermarket companies may offer lower cost – lower grade paper gaskets which can not hold up or a solid core gasket that is prone to delaminating or scrubbing.

IPD’s alternative is a material that starts with a perforated steel core, that is then mechanically and chemically bonded to high-density fiber material in order to offer:

Excellent sealing capabilities
Radial strength
Resistance to chemicals
Great load retention
Resists the “scrubbing” effect caused by various thermal expansions of housings. Many times other suppliers gaskets may appear to have delaminated, but may actually have succumbed to this scrubbing effect as housings move.
Application IPD Part Number OEM multi-layered Part Number
3408 1094318 1617294
3412 1131474 1617293
IPD pays attention to the details that helps to keep you in business!

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0010

Our IPD Tech Support group receives many requests concerning what the proper piston to cylinder wall clearance should be in 3114, 3116 & 3126 engines. Originally, these are “parent bore” engines (non sleeved), in many cases requiring re-boring and repair sleeve installation to return bore to proper specifications. IPD also offers money saving oversize .50mm pistons for many popular applications, including both aluminum pistons and IPDSteel™ articulated pistons.

The attached Technical Bulletin outlines our piston information and bore sizes for both the standard and.50mm bore option. We urge you to pass this on to your machine shops, engine rebuilders and engine owners. Click here to view IPDTB-0010

Please note that IPD Distributors can access our exclusive IPD Technical Support line by entering the IPD Parts Database™, then clicking on IPD Technical Support.

Thank you for taking the time to review this material. We hope that you found it informative. If you have any comments , please email us at
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