Thank you to all of our customers who took the time to fill out our customer survey in December and January. This information goes a long way in completing our ISO requirements.
In the areas of product development, IPD has moved into the C-15 articulated piston applications with the addition of our “crown-less” engine overhaul kits. We expect to release the crowns this Spring and will include 3406e later applications. You will also find the recently added gasket groups for the C-15 listed under new products.

IPD Featured Product
Shown are both the earlier 1300241 skirt (on right) fitting early-mid 3406e and the later132663 skirt (on left) used in late 3406e and C15 engines that use “plated style” piston crowns. Both skirts are now available from IPD.
This latest addition to our offering of 3406E & C15 products will allow you to be competitive on C15 rebuilds if you can use your piston crowns over. (Please refer to OEM guidelines for reusability). Conveniently packaged, these IPD “crownless” overhaul kits will include the following:
Piston skirts – interchangeable with oem crowns (see picture)
Ring set – latest ring materials
Cylinder liner – induction hardened with crevice seal style option
Rod & main bearings – includes “IPD-grooved” rod bearing
Piston pin & retainers
IPD Style 123™ gasket set (either in or out-of-frame)
Note that the IPD kits DO NOT contain the “isolation seal, part # 1685248
New part numbers as follows are available from IPD for C15 applications:
IPD Part Number  Description  Application
IF6663/002  In-Frame Overhaul Kit without crown C15
IF 6663/002/CS  In-Frame Overhaul Kit w/o crown & CS liner  C15
OF6663/001  Out-Frame Overhaul Kit w/o crown C15
OF6663/001/CS Out-Frame Overhaul Kit w/o crown & CS liner C15

For more information on our IPD crevice seal style liner, please visit our web page at and click on IPD Products for 3400 Engines.

For more information on our IPD Style 123™ In and Out of Frame complete engine gasket sets, please visit our web page at page at and click on IPD Gasket Program
Please contact your IPD Customer Service Center or see the next article for the complete range of IPD 3406 & C15 overhaul kits.

Availability for 3400 & C15 pistons from IPD now includes popular:
3400 A, B, C engines using one-piece aluminum pistons.
3400 B, C engines using one-piece aluminum “gallery-cooled” pistons.
3406E engines using IPDSteeltwo-piece articulated pistons.
C15 “crown-less kits
And coming soon…
Late 3406E engines using IPDSteel™ later style “plated” two-piece articulated pistons.
C15 engine coverage with IPDSteel™ “plated” two-piece articulated pistons.

For a complete listing of IPD 3400 & C15 overhaul kits please download our IPD3400 C15 QUICK REF FEB07 guide.


This double-sided flyer is intended to highlight our 3406E / C15 offering and is ideal for IPD Distributors to handout or mail. IPD Distributors have the opportunity to be the first in the aftermarket to offer many of these kits.
Please contact your IPD Regional Manager or Customer Service Center if you would like to inquire on large quantities.
View a pdf of this new flyer by clicking here IPDPB-01A


This short video is intended to give a brief overview of our company and what we do. It can be viewed at the IPD web site by clicking on “View the new IPD movie” under the IPD News in brief section.

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0007

While developing the IPD gasket groups for C15 engines, we received  a variety of opinions among IPD Distributors in regards to the re-usability and applications for the 1685248 Isolation seal. Please click IPDTB-0007 to view the latest information. 

Complete listing of all NEW IPD PRODUCTS added since last month’s issue.

In January, we added 49 new products to our growing product line of IPD brand parts for Caterpillar® engines.
Some highlights in addition to the above IPD Featured Products, C15 “crown-less” overhaul kits include:

  3500 series engines: 6 new gasket groups.
3400 series: 7 new gasket groups.
  C15 series: 11 new gasket groups and 4 overhaul kits.
  3114 / 3116 series: 8 new gaskets and groups, new skirt update.
  Please click here to view the complete January New Products list. Previous lists of new products are available by clicking on the IPD ARCHIVE section to the left of this page.
IPD will be exhibiting at this year's BAUMA 2007 Exhibition
IPD will be exhibiting at BAUMA 2007 in Munich Germany. This exhibit is from 23-29 of April 2007. Our exhibit will be in booth C4.220 in the AEM North American Pavilion.  (AEM = Association of Equipment Manufacturers).
For more information on this Heavy Equipment and Engine show please view their web page at:

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