This month we feature our offering of In and Out of Frame Overhaul Kits for older and newer Caterpillar® engines. These kits are convenient, well packaged and in later engine applications, utilize our IPDSteel™ articulated, 2-piece pistons!
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IPD Featured Product
IPD Overhaul kits for Caterpillar® engines.

IPD offers a variety of In and Out of Frame Overhaul kits including either aluminum pistons or IPDSteel™ articulated pistons. These kits can offer you and your customer:

Price savings
  Attractive and convenient packaging
  Ease of ordering, shipping and stocking
  All the major components for In or Out of Frame overhauls
  IPD Quality throughout
  Kits are currently available for the most popular applications within the following engine models:
  and now…3406E
  Please contact your IPD Regional Manager or Customer Service Representative for more information and exact applications or click here for our Product Bulletins.

IPD Crankshafts offer quality and price savings

While other companies may offer crankshafts, IPD crankshafts include the quality assurance that the rest of our product line is known for. Some of these assurances include:

Forged Steel Cranks
  RA finish on journals to specifications for long bearing life
  Correct hardness of fillet radius for strength
  Straightness within new specification, not reman specifications!

All covered by the IPD warranty and product support.  Crankshafts currently available from IPD include:

More applications will be coming soon and will be announced via this newsletter.

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0005

Measuring ring gaps can be confusing, multiple tolerances must be considered not just the gap itself. Click here for step by step instructions.

Complete listing of all NEW IPD PRODUCTS added since last month’s issue.

In October we added 29 new products to our growing product line of IPD brand parts for Caterpillar® engines.
Please click here to view the complete November 1, New Products list. Previous lists of new products are available by clicking on the IPD ARCHIVE section to the left of this page.

IPD will be exhibiting at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week meeting in Las Vegas January 23 – 25, 2007

HDAW was formed two years ago to consolidate various heavy duty vehicle organizations yearly meetings into one convenient location, including adding an industry trade show.
More information can be found at the HDAW web site:

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