The much anticipated release of IPDSteel™ pistons for 3400E Caterpillar® engines is here. In this issue you will see more details on this exciting new product. Also we offer you the introduction of our IPD Tech Bulletin series. These tech bulletins will focus on subjects that you might not necessarily find in a specification manual, such as this month’s discussion of part number vs casting numbers on pistons that can be trouble if not properly identified!
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IPD Featured Product
IPDSteel™ pistons for 3400E Caterpillar® engines.

IPDSteel™, our trademarked and patent pending design, articulated, 2-piece pistons for 3400E engines are now released for general distribution. This IPD piston design has been dynometer tested as well as field tested for over 2 years in selected engine applications. Applications for this piston include many of the 3406E/ 3408E / 3412E engines.
While it has been challenging to engineer and manufacture around the various patents that the OEM’s have placed on today’s latest designs, the result is a competitive product that allows IPD Distributors to continue servicing and lowering their customer’s costs of operation.
IPDSteel™ piston crowns are cast from high quality steel, heat treated for added strength, and stress relieved. Then, using the latest in CNC equipment in our Torrance, California facility, they are machined and go through the final quality control assurance process.

  For 3400E applications we offer:
PLG Kits – include crown, skirt, rings, pin, retainers, seals and cylinder liner
  For 3406E Truck applications; In and Out of Frame Kits – Includes PLG kits, rod, main & thrust bearings and our IPD 123™ gasket set.
  Many miscellaneous parts such as Valve Train, Bushings, and Water Pump Rebuild Kits are available from IPD for all 3400 applications.
  Our 3400E product offering includes options such as:
  ORIGINAL IPD crevice seal style liner for reduced liner movement. (click here for more information)
  Standard or oversize engine bearings.
  In and Out of Frame IPD 123™  gasket sets (click here for more information)
  Optional “Crown-Less” In & Out of Frame Overhaul kits including everything our complete kit offers minus the crown,  if your crowns are re-usable.
(Click here for IPD’s Quick Reference Catalog for In & Out of Frame 3406 Truck Engine overhaul kits.)

IPD Technical Bulletin:IPDTB-0004

Do not confuse CASTING numbers with PART numbers on some manufacturers Caterpillar® Pistons! Some manufacturers machine more than one part number piston from a casting. Click here for more information

Complete listing of all NEW IPD PRODUCTS added since last month’s issue.

In September we added over 60 new products to our growing product line of IPD brand parts for Caterpillar® engines.
With this months announcement of our 3406E pistons, IPD now offers IPDSteel™ Articulated Two-Piece Pistons for Caterpillar® applications including:

  3406E / 3408E / 3412E

Please click here to view the complete list of new products developed this past month . Previous lists of new products are available by clicking on the IPD ARCHIVE section to the left of this page.

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