This month we announce the latest in the IPDSteel™ series of Two-Piece Articulated Cast Steel Pistons for 3126 Caterpillar® engines. Our focus at IPD has been product development which is increasingly difficult due to many OEM Suppliers patenting anything they can put their hands on. Our 50 plus years of manufacturing and engineering however helps us to understand these issues and continue moving forward. Please watch this newsletter for our next IPDSteel™ release coming soon!

IPD Featured Product

3126 Articulated Two-Piece Pistons for Caterpillar® applications are the most recent addition to IPD’s innovative line of IPDSteel™ Pistons. Our applications now include 3114, 3116, 3126 and soon to come, 3406E. These innovative designs are cast from high strength steel and are machined to size using the latest in piston manufacturing CNC equipment at our IPD Torrance California facility. Also available for popular 3126 applications is the IPD exclusive .50mm oversize piston that can reduce your overhaul cost by eliminating a costly sleeving operation in many situations.

IPD’s coverage now includes:
IN and OUT of Frame Overhaul Kits with either:
  - Aluminum One Piece Pistons
  - IPDSteel™ Two-Piece Articulated Pistons.
Coverage of both 2 & 3 Valve Cylinder Head Components.
IPD 123™ or OEM Style Modular Type Gasket Sets.
Rod, Main, Thrust Bearings.
Connecting Rod and Camshaft Bushings.
Cylinder Bore Repair Sleeves when needed.
Many more products coming soon!

For more information please see our IPD Parts Database™ at under the Distributor Only button or you can contact your IPD Customer Service Representative or Regional Manager for more information Please click here for an IPD Quick Reference Sheet on 3126 products

Complete listing of all NEW IPD PRODUCTS added since last month’s issue

In August we added over 100 new products again including many updated gaskets sets for 3200, 3300, 3400 & 3500 series engines as well as above mentioned Overhaul Kits for 3126 applications. Please click here to view the complete August New Products list. Previous lists of new products are available by clicking on the IPD ARCHIVE section to the left of this page.

From Design & Engineering to Prototype and final Manufacturing, IPD’s in-house manufacturing capability…

gives us the innovative edge to develop new technology that engine owners are faced with. The latest in equipment and flexible manufacturing cells at our Torrance California USA (please see July issue of this e-newsletter in our archives IPDPR-16) also allows us the economics to offer exclusive products. These include items such as the .50mm oversize Aluminum and IPDSteel™ Articulated Pistons, all helping to reduce your cost of overhaul substantially. These oversize pistons are available for most popular 3114, 3116 and now the 3126 applications! Please see the IPD Parts Database™ at or you can contact your IPD Customer Service Representative or Regional Manager for more information.

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