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IPD Featured Product
IPD Increases Coverage of 3406E Engines with Oversize Camshaft Bearings & Crown-less Overhaul Kits for later style engines.
Increasing our coverage on this popular Caterpillar® application is a priority with IPD. Now available:
Std. size
1504793 (2170751)
.010” oversize
1608151 (2170752)
.030” oversize
Many other items for 3406E are available from IPD including:
  • In & Out of frame “crown-less” engine kits
  • Complete line of valve train
  • Engine bearings
  • IPD Style 123™ or multiple style gasket sets
  • Crankshafts
  • More product coverage including Piston Crowns coming soon!

For exact application information please see our IPD Parts Database™ at, under the Authorized Distributor button, contact your IPD Customer Service Representative or Regional Manager.

New Piston manufacturing equipment installed at IPD-Torrance

Recently installed at our Torrance California manufacturing facility is a state of the art purpose built piston – CNC machine which will allow us to continue our manufacturing evolution to newer technology pistons including IPDSteel® and UniSteel® pistons.

Keep tuned to this newsletter for upcoming applications to our current coverage of IPDSteel® pistons which include Caterpillar® 3114/3116 engines! Click here for more information on IPDSteel® pistons and current applications.

Latest Crankshaft Seals for 3406, 3408 & 3412 series engines

1425867 & 1425868 updated crankshaft seals are now available at IPD and are included in IPD 123™ Style consolidated gasket sets. Our OEM style gasket sets will continue to include the previous version of these seals as a service option to our customers until further notice. Please click here for more information on IPD 123™ Style Gasket sets.

Updated Valve Train coverage for the following engines:

3508 / 3512 / 3516 Diesel applications:
(as shown in this picture) include the updated valve train and recently released ROCKER BRIDGES from IPD, click here for complete listing.

3408 / 3412 Natural Gas applications:
following Valves and Guides are for the “THICK Cylinder head:
Intake Valve: 2120932
Exhaust Valve: 2120933
Intake Guide: 2137536 
Exhaust Guide: 2137537

OVERSIZE valve guides for 3508 / 3512 / 3516 Diesel applications:
also recently introduced utilizing the 1339306 standard part number:
1339306 Std.  
1665944 .005” oversize  
1491982  .020” oversize

3126 “3-valve head” applications:
For 3126B engines, click here for complete listing

Re-usable Valve Cover Seal and One Piece Oil Pan Gasket for 3306 Engines

Offered as a separate item by IPD, part number 1331247 is a new Integral, re-usable valve cover seal for all 3306 engines. This seal will not be included at this time in any IPD Gasket sets or Kits.
Also recently introduced is our new one piece oil pan gasket part number 1694200. This is currently offered separate but WILL be replacing part number 4M2969 in all IPD Style and IPD OEM Style Gaskets sets in the near future.

Complete listing of IPD NEW Product Releases

Click here for a complete listing of all new products released by IPD in our July 2006 release.
Click here for a complete listing of the new products release from our January 2006 announcement.
In case you missed any of our previous product releases over past years you can simply go to the IPD ARCHIVE link on the left side of this page and download at your convenience.

Storm Manufacturing Group to Merge Superior Controls Co. and Buckner

TORRANCE, CA – (Business Wire) – March 20, 2006 – Storm Manufacturing Group, ( supplier of Buckner Irrigation Products and F.C. Kingston Industrial Control Valves, has entered into a definitive purchase agreement with Superior Controls.  The merger of Superior Controls ( and Buckner creates the market leader in brass control valves, actuators and quick couplers.  Storm Manufacturing Group will continue to market both the Buckner and Superior Brands leveraging the strengths of both brands internationally.
Storm Manufacturing Group and IPD LLC are members of the Storm Industries Family of Companies, Click here for more information

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